Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blackberry Art!

The aunts are here.
That can only mean one thing.
We worked hard.
8 batches
51 jars
I decided to have some fun with the leftovers.

Old, torn up jeans...
... plus reject blackberry goop... a pair of these...
... equals art.


Anny and I left Monday morning, with Bitsy in tow, for San Francisco. We spent time with my mom until we headed to Utah, Wednesday morning. We spent time Align Leftwith another roommate, Sara, on Thursday. Friday was Kaylie's (another roomie's) wedding and reception. Anny and I headed home on Saturday morning. We actually made some pretty good time. Less than 14 hours from SLC to OH.

Anny sits about 2 inches away from the steering wheel.
The bed of the truck was pretty full. I had to take stuff to my mom in SF and my Aunt Christine in SLC, plus my mom filled it even more with a coffee table and boxes of food (for BYUI) until we dumped it at Christine's.

Anny "could have sworn" that they had chicken burgers... and "crinkly" fries.
My mom treated us to some legit Chinese food. Guess how many people were eating. Hint: less than 4, but more than 2. Kind of ridiculous.
Then, she took us to Ghiradelli for a rockin' sundae.
Anny and I were equipped with our sunglasses and Hanna Montana hand sanitizer.
Travel buddies!
Kaylie was gorgeous and they are a wonderful match. He is a good guy, through and through, and that's a lot coming from me.

Tribute to Old Bitser

Well, Anny and I headed off on a roadtrip (post to come) partly to take my dog, Bitsy, to my mom in San Francisco. She's going to keep Bitsy, since I'm heading off for school soon. We've had Bitsy since I was around 6 years old. The house is so quiet without her!

This was a couple of weeks ago. I took her for a walk and didn't feel like carrying her (empty) plastic, potty bag.
After a nice rain shower.
She did awesome on the 15-ish hour car ride. She sat behind the passenger seat in my truck in her little bed the whole way.
I gave her some of my In-N-Out burger, so of course she wanted more. I spoil my puppy.
She has made herself right at home, once we spent the night at my moms. She claimed Finnegan's (giant) bed as her own.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life of a Single, Almost 20 Year Old

Here's a picture narrative of the wonderful single life!

The view of downtown Frisco and the Bay Bridge from my mom's neighborhood.
Try doing this with your fridge.
Lots of babysitting.. for some pretty awesome kids!

A few weddings, here and there.
Vandalism. Of course.
This is probably my favorite part:

Who doesn't love pizza?

The End.

Worst Moment... EVER!

Blue Cheese.
Nuff said.