Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Home!!!!!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

News Flash: I'm Prejudice

I apologize ahead of time for the length of this post and the lack of pictures. Today was an interesting day.
Yesterday and this morning I made 30 sack lunches.This afternoon I handed them out along with water bottles to the homeless (or at least homeless-looking, can't always be sure) around my mom's work in downtown San Francisco.
The majority of people were amazing. I've never gotten so many compliments! If you need an ego boost, just give food to homeless men and smile a lot.
They are wonderful people. A lot of them would thank me numerous times, introduce themselves, say "God bless", and such.
I got two "Could I have one for my girlfriend, too?" I was expecting this line at some point. I only gave an additional one to one of the men, because he was in a wheelchair and ridiculously sweet.
Two men actually turned down the lunches and water. A few people asked if I had extra waters. Someone just wanted a water. Someone turned down a water.
Only 3 were women, the rest were men.
There was a married couple in a grassy area.
There were two people in wheelchairs.
I was on the streets for a couple of hours, having to go back to my mom's building to replenish the supplies (can't carry 30 water bottles and lunches at once). It was insane how easily I could find someone to give the food to. Everywhere you look there is someone sitting against a wall in numerous layers of clothing, with long beards, and lots of bags.
At one point I hadn't seen a homeless person for a little bit (very bizarre), I turned the corner and bam! I found more than 30 in just one area. This was probably a mistake, because I ran out at one point and said I would be back. I went back with all that was left (5) and they were gone quick!!
I was down to my last one and about 1 woman (caucasian) and 3 men were around me, waiting. The woman had asked me for one the last time I had been there, but I didn't have any for her at the time, so I gave my last one to her. One of the men, a black man, called me prejudice and turned down the extra water I offered him. And that ended my adventure.
I walked away.. holding back tears. When I got back to my mom's I couldn't hold it back anymore. I was so sad he had accused me of that. I was furious that I was letting it get to me when I knew it wasn't true (hello! the majority of the people I was giving to were african-american men!!). I was curious to how many of the people actually needed this help, which I'm sure was pretty close to everyone. Frustrated, just thinking about how many times I had just been manipulated. Mostly, I was sad that I couldn't help them all out and I had left so many people hanging.
It's frightening how many people there are on the streets. They are all good people and deserve so much more. I went out there thinking more along the lines that people would be greedy, take the food and not say anything to me, but I was super mistaken. We are all children of God, some just made different choices from us or, through no fault of their own, somehow ended up in this deprived way of life. It's incredible to see how much there spirits lift with a simple offer of help.

I <3 Pierce & Meryl's singing!

It will have you smiling ear to ear!
For those of you who don't know.. I am in love with Hello, Dolly! It's pretty close to obsession. Number one movie...
But... (and this should prove how amazing Mamma Mia is...) this movie has challenged Dolly's standing! Yeah! It's that good!!!

So... if you live in OH and want to wait a week... I'll be home and you should go with me!!! I want to see this movie in theatres around 30 times.

And as an awesome side note:
I went this past Saturday night with my mom and sister in-law, Leslie. At the end of the movie the theatre workers shot A TON of confetti in the air with leaf-blower-looking things for about 3+ minutes straight!! It was way fun and funny. Then, we come to find out that only 5 theatres in the whole nation did this. Ours was the second and last showing in which they did it for that theatre!!! How incredible is that?!?!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blessed w/ Indescribable Friends

This past weekend I went with two of my friends, Alie and Nicole, and Nicole's dad to Silverwood theme/water park. It was AMAZING. Super fun. We left early enough Saturday morning to get some good time at Boulder Beach (the water part) and camped the whole weekend. We had a full day on Monday of the theme park and even got a couple more hours of the water park in.
So, I have some of the most understanding, considerate, and all-around amazing friends ever. They know my strong feelings about the Sabbath, so they together decided then told me that we would just chill on Sunday (which is the reason why we went to the parks Saturday and Monday). Even more incredible.. two day passes (which you must use consecutively) are cheaper than two separate day passes. I was really close to giving in and saying that it was fine and I would just go to the parks on Sunday, but they kept me on the straight and narrow.
So, Sunday we slept in, chillaxed, went to a small town called Sandpoint to City Beach (crazy!), and talked. 
During that talking we talked a lot about boys, future families, etc. I had my scriptures with me and busted 'em open and we talked a lot about religion, scriptures, and such. I love that I have such open and knowledge-desiring friends who are continually trying to be the best they can be. We talk about spiritual things more than anyone our age I'm sure. We all have different backgrounds and beliefs (Mormon, Nazarene, and non-denominational), but we all have tremendous respect for one-anothers beliefs, listen to each other, and can disagree without quarreling in the least. It gives me so much joy and happiness.
I don't really like posting without pictures, but I didn't take any. So, sorry. I actually bought the picture that was taken of us on one of the roller-coasters from the gift shop, but I need to scan it. It's a good one; I'll get it up eventually.