Saturday, January 31, 2009

Darn You Brad!

The only song I ever without-fail cry for is the hymn "I Believe in Christ." But I don't really have an everyday ipod-on-shuffle song that I cry to, until now.

"When I Get Where I'm Going"
By Mr. Brad Paisley

I've had this song on my ipod for a very long time and it has never really effected me. I thought it was a nice song, but not uber fantastic. Well, I heard it for the first time since Grandpa's passing the other day. I burst into tears.

"I'm gonna walk with my grandaddy,
and he'll match me step for step,
and I'll tell him how I missed him,
every minute since he left.
Then, I'll hug his neck"

Who does that?!?! Just typing it made me make that ugly scrunch-faced cry. It is an incredible song.

It came on just now and the same thing happened.
But no worries... a Christmas song came on right after that, so that lightened the mood :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


See any similarities?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Funeral Pictures

The funeral was perfect.
It wasn't too long.
It wasn't too short.
It wasn't chaotic.
Loved ones were all around.
Memories were shared.
There was much laughter and smiles.
Not a terrible amount of tears.
It was a happy time.
He would have been pleased.
He was pleased.
I know it.

Thank you so much for giving my family this wonderful way of remembering this wonderful tribute.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For the Eyes of Women Only

Lane Bryant

is wonderful.

On Monday we went on a find-a-decent-bra excursion.
Nicole said she really likes Macy's, especially because they are so helpful. So, Macy's was our first stop at the Boise Mall. They measured me and said I am either a 34DD or a 36D. The search ensued. Nicole was my bra-fetcher. I tried on at least 12 bras. I ended up being okay with 3 of them. I bought one. $65 later we explored the rest of the mall.

The last place we ended up was Lane Bryant. We intended on going there; Anny swears by Lane Bryant bras. We saw on the tags that the smallest band size they carry is 36, so I tried a 36D. I could only find one 36, and the lady said it was because they discontinued 36s last spring, so that's what they had left over. Well, lucky me, it was too tight. The lady informed me that their bras run small. Quite ironic, if you ask me. So, we then proceeded to 38D (holy dang). I tried on three bras there and bought two for only $54!!!

Besides the facts that: the lady was so much more helpful, it was tons easier to find one I liked, they actually had full coverage bras, they have super good support, their selection was a lot more sensible for the bigger-busted ladies... Lane Bryant bras are just so much more comfortable!!!

Moral of the story:
Lane Bryant is they way to go...
if you are well-endowed.

Sorry for the lack in pictures ;)

Saturday, January 17, 2009



... you have a sensitive gag reflex
... your love for me is very conditional.

If you do watch this, you're volume needs to be turned up.
FYI: I was ridiculously, super full and was dared to eat the rest of my excellent scone.

This is how I have spent my weekend so far:

2 a.m. left school on the Salt Lake Shuttle to Boise airport
8 a.m. Megan picked me up and took me home with her
10:20 a.m. went to Chapel (heard a very thought-provoking sermon)
6 p.m. went to downtown Boise to shop and EAT DELISH SCONES

10 a.m. Shopped, ate, and walked around with Alie a bit.
4 p.m. partied with Nicole's birthday-girl roommate
9:30 p.m. saw Quantum Solace (another story for later)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Round 2

So, second semester freshman year is going to be quite different.

We knew we would be saying goodbye to Kaylie. She is on Summer/Fall track, so she wouldn't be rejoining us for Winter.
What we were not aware of was the fact that Anny would not be returning for Winter semester. Family stuff came up and she felt she should stay in Washington for the semester.
What can you do?
So, this past week, Sara and I returned to a much different dorm.
We are already missing them a ton. I love these ladies so much and it is so weird not to have them here with me!
However, we will all be reunited Fall '09!!!
Anywho... Kayla is our new addition! She is a very nice balance of upbeat, fun, and laid-backness.. She has a lot of family here (mainly cousins), so she is in and out a lot. We haven't gotten a great chance to get to know her, but I can tell we will be getting along superbly in no time!

Sara is fantastic. I love living with her. It's a lot more laid-back this semester, and she helps a lot with that. Her beau is Zach. He is an RM... nuff said.
No, he is a really cool guy and I don't mind having him around all the time. Just a really great guy. (P.S. He requested that I blog about him).

Classes seem very interesting so far. I am taking:
Basic Music Theory
Origin of Life, Earth, and the Universe
The Developing World
Professional Communications
Book of Mormon Part II
Business Law and the Legal Environment

Pretty crazy line-up if you ask me. I am going to be learning a ton this semester. Already, I know I have at least double the reading from last semester, which is good. I am very motivated. No monkey-business this semester! I think I may go to the library every once in a while or something :)

So, here is my winter semester philosophy/plan.
I'm not going to be social. I don't feel like it. I'm going to go to a TON of instrumental/theatrical/vocal performances and such. Otherwise, I'm gonna be a hermit. It's too cold outside. I don't want to date anyone. I want to read a ton of books. I want to kick butt this semester.

I want to serve a mission. I don't want to be a typical LDS girl. I want to see the world. I want to serve. I want to explore. I want to figure out who I am. I want to work on becoming the best person I can be.