Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Funeral Pictures

The funeral was perfect.
It wasn't too long.
It wasn't too short.
It wasn't chaotic.
Loved ones were all around.
Memories were shared.
There was much laughter and smiles.
Not a terrible amount of tears.
It was a happy time.
He would have been pleased.
He was pleased.
I know it.

Thank you so much for giving my family this wonderful way of remembering this wonderful tribute.


Crystal said...

I love the pictures (and the editing, j/k). What an awesome big family picture, and way to go Dustin with the gun fire!

D+C+R+K said...

Anytime miss. Thanks for being an awesome friend.Miss ya

Kris said...

so, cool. Gotta love the family picture. First one since the wedding I think, and this one is better because we're all looking at the camera and mom and dad don't look as annoyed with eachother.

Mom said...

Excellent photos Dustin & Ciera - Thank you! Kris - probably because he wasn't rubbing up against me....Jenna and I were playing bumper boobies though.
Nice job Bobenna!