Friday, October 31, 2008

Creepers, S. Bread, Twin, and Look What I Can Do!

Computers are fun.

We did a scavenger hunt for FHE this past Monday.
I won't bore you with them all, but here is one fun one.
"I can't believe we all fit in here!"
My roommates and my favorite pastime is to be creepers.
We constantly look out our windows and watch people.
While we eat dinner we just stare outside.
When it's dark outside and we want to see people we turn off the lights.
And Sara... Sara is the worst of us all.
Here Mom...
I made sausage bread last night and it was gone in no time...
especially when five boys showed up and devoured what we hadn't eaten.
Meet Dusty.
Dusty is my brother, George's, twin.
They haven't met or anything, but they are exactly alike in so many ways.
Very crazy. George, take a look at your future bestie!! 
There will be another post very, very soon.
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best Side of BYU-I

All I have been blogging about since I have arrived at this wonderful school is all the fun I am having. There is no spiritual side to any of these posts. Sad, huh?
Well, it's basically impossible to sum up the huge amounts of spiritual experiences I have had here, the tons of things I have learned through the Spirit, how the Spirit is constantly and apparently here, so for now I'll tell one tale.
Monday I was somewhat frustrated, so I called up one of my friends so we could go on a walk or something. It turned out that he was in the Taylor Chapel reading "The Infinite Atonement."
That's it. That's my story. Here I was, frustrated and bored, wanting to be distracted and get away from my issues, rather than getting focused and trying to find some way of inviting the Spirit back into my heart.
The whole time we were walking we just talked about the Apostles, Conference, the school, missions, etc. I almost feel like a fakey. I know the stuff, but do I automatically think of the Lord when a problem comes along? Scary.
Everything here is wonderful and the Gospel is all around, but it's so easy how we lose track of the simple and most important things. The problem isn't saying my prayers or reading my scriptures or that I'm rebelling in any way, but it's not as deep as it should be. It just seems like I'm scratching the surface and doing the minimum. I'm working on it.
I hope everyone is doing well. I hope that everyone is not just grazing the surface, but delving deep. I hope everyone is remembering to be happy and know that the Lord is there.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sugar (with a hint of fruit) Sandwiches

It has almost become tradition at night time for me to make sandwiches for everyone.
And everyone usually includes 3, if not all, of the roommates and at least 3 other people.
At first I just made PB&Nutella.
Then, I grilled them.
Then, I started experimenting.
Various ingredients used in various combos:
Banana Slices
Blackberry Jam
Marshmallow Cream
This wondrous creation below is the ultimate.
I'm telling you. Applesauce on a grilled sandwich is heaven. The outside is crispy while the inside is gooey. Delish. Try it!
Left: Jelly and Applesauce
Right: Nutella and Marshmallow Cream
I recommend: Jelly and Nutella sandwich
Applesauce (with cinnamon) and anything sandwich
Don't forget to grill like grilled cheese!
You must try it!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Our favorite person in the world to tease/prank/love is Kaylie/Marge/Francesca/Waldo. She is wonderful and happy and just amazing.
Tonight we decided that we would take her bed outside. And we did :)
Scene of the crime.
Sara hiding.
The night is dark and so is Anny, so you can't see her.
She said it. Not me.

Francesca's reaction.
Not as exciting as we were hoping for. But oh well.


I just got an e-mail from my bishop...

"The university is going to give away their excess potatoes this Sat. They will dig them at 12:00 noon and it will be first come first serve. The field is located adjacent to the electrical sub-station below the aboretum off 7th south.there will be a limited number so get there early.
Bishop Scott"

Tell me what you think...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Conquering My Fears

I did it!!
We went to Idaho Falls to shop on Saturday :)

Oh, and I thought I should share this picture with you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


The horrid inevitable has made itself manifest
through tiny white flakes falling from the upper hell.
- Room 207

Sad day.

Prop 8

A fireside was broadcasted last night concerning Proposition 8 that is going to be voted on in California. We were encouraged to make our support known any way we can... they recommended blogging about it and even putting it on facebook.
I am in full support of Prop 8. We as a society need to protect the sacred union of a man and woman. We want to protect the integrity of our families. Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and we cannot allow that sacred ordinance to be defiled.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pizza, Sippy Cups, and the Creation

I forgot to get a picture before we devoured my delish bbq chicken pizza!!
Thank you, President!!

The first in, hopefully, a long line of
crazy, yummy, cheap college creations.
PB and big milk chocolate chips on a tortilla
warmed up for 20-25 seconds in the microwave. And fold over.
However, Anny says that this insults her culture...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tag :)

3 Names you go by:
1. Bobenna - mom
2. Nenna - my fave little kids
3. Pumpkin - roomies

3 Restaurants I love:
1. Claim Jumper
2. Cheesecake Factory
3. Flyers

3 Trips to plan on this year:
1. Provo/Salt Lake for Thanksgiving
2. Hopefully Nampa at some point to visit Megan, Alie, and Nicole
3.OH for Christmas

3 Things you want badly:
1. Get decent/nice grades this semester
2. Become a nicer/less-sarcastic person
3. For Isaac, Rylin, Brinlee, and Asher to remember me and my name :)

3 People who will (had better) do this:
1. Leslie
2. Ciera
3. Anny

3 Pets you have/had:
1. Misty: siamese/devil cat
2. Bitsy: my sweet, crazy hyper, 15-ish year old cocker/beagle pup back in OH
3. Edward: apartment fish (it's actually Kaylie's, but that's ok)

3 Things you did yesterday:
1. Watched Conference!!
2. Went to the underground where all the GA's park (almost ALL of them have Toyotas)!
3. Drove home :)

3 Things you ate today:
1. Spaghetti
2. A brownie
3. An apple

3 Fears:
1. Falling away from the Church
2. Getting a divorce (I know.. I'm not married yet, but it's legit).
3. Driving in the snow, walking in the snow, being cold in the snow, freezing from the snow, being anywhere in the area of snow... :)

3 Things you plan on doing today:
1. Write letters
2. Homework
3. Go to FHE

3 Things you plan on doing tomorrow:
1. Homework
2. Go to devotional
3. Go to classes

3 Favorite Holidays:
1. World Heart Day (Sept 28)
2. National Hugging Day (Jan 21)
3. National Dance Day (Apr 29)

3 Favorite beverages:
1. Virgin Pina Coloda
2. Milk
3. Martinelli's

Conference Road Trip!

This weekend the Roomies and I drove down to stay with my Aunt Christine in Salt Lake. Kris, Leslie, and Isaac were there Friday night and most of Saturday which was amazing, like always! We had tickets for Saturday morning session. We watched the rest, comfortably, on couches and aero beds for the rest of the weekend. Conference was incredible... 9 pages, front and back, of notes. The other parts of the weekend weren't too shabby either.
Outside my Aunt's condo at midnight before going to Temple Square.
We honestly took more than 160 pictures this weekend... most of them at T.S.
"... I'm going there someday."
This is supposed to be them trying to get into temple grounds, but it just looks like Kaylie is grabbing Anny's butt.

You taught me well, Leslie, thank you.

They... really like each other...
She wanted a jumping picture, but she just looks like a mime.

Best story of the weekend.
L. Tom Perry lives in the same condo complex as my aunt.
We were going back to my aunt's after the Sat AM session and HE WAS IN THE ELEVATOR!
We didn't say anything, just freaked out quietly. We were all out of the elevator, and before the doors closed Anny walked over to him, pushed a guy out of the way, and said, "I'm really sorry, I just want to shake your hand." Everyone laughed and Kaylie and Sara shook his hand, too. As he was shaking Kaylie and Sara's he said, "Oop, watch out, the door's going to close on you." So, I just stood back and waved.
Hence, the photo.
I promise we were dressed and looked better than this.
Thank you, Aunt Christine, for housing us, feeding us, taking care of us, and supplying us with an amazing weekend full of memories!!! Love you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is why...

... you don't rough-house.
People get hurt.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Small Update: Still Loving College!

Sorry for no recent updates. No super interesting events lately. A bunch of small, fun things.
I'm tellin' ya... we're besties.
So silly :)
So, there is a wall surrounding our complex that the Roomies and I have become super pro at hopping. It's like our fave past time.
This is Sara, Anny, and Chris.
I want Anny and Chris to get married, they're perfect for each other (and this pic supports it).

Go Anailia!!!
Our first Relieft Society event!!
The dinner before the broadcast. President Uchtdorf was incredible.
Sara and me watching ultimate frisbee.