Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Road Trip!

This weekend the Roomies and I drove down to stay with my Aunt Christine in Salt Lake. Kris, Leslie, and Isaac were there Friday night and most of Saturday which was amazing, like always! We had tickets for Saturday morning session. We watched the rest, comfortably, on couches and aero beds for the rest of the weekend. Conference was incredible... 9 pages, front and back, of notes. The other parts of the weekend weren't too shabby either.
Outside my Aunt's condo at midnight before going to Temple Square.
We honestly took more than 160 pictures this weekend... most of them at T.S.
"... I'm going there someday."
This is supposed to be them trying to get into temple grounds, but it just looks like Kaylie is grabbing Anny's butt.

You taught me well, Leslie, thank you.

They... really like each other...
She wanted a jumping picture, but she just looks like a mime.

Best story of the weekend.
L. Tom Perry lives in the same condo complex as my aunt.
We were going back to my aunt's after the Sat AM session and HE WAS IN THE ELEVATOR!
We didn't say anything, just freaked out quietly. We were all out of the elevator, and before the doors closed Anny walked over to him, pushed a guy out of the way, and said, "I'm really sorry, I just want to shake your hand." Everyone laughed and Kaylie and Sara shook his hand, too. As he was shaking Kaylie and Sara's he said, "Oop, watch out, the door's going to close on you." So, I just stood back and waved.
Hence, the photo.
I promise we were dressed and looked better than this.
Thank you, Aunt Christine, for housing us, feeding us, taking care of us, and supplying us with an amazing weekend full of memories!!! Love you.

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Lemme said...

I love staying with aunt christine for cinference!!! it's the best!! she's SO CLOSE to everything!! glad you had fun!!