Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Small Update: Still Loving College!

Sorry for no recent updates. No super interesting events lately. A bunch of small, fun things.
I'm tellin' ya... we're besties.
So silly :)
So, there is a wall surrounding our complex that the Roomies and I have become super pro at hopping. It's like our fave past time.
This is Sara, Anny, and Chris.
I want Anny and Chris to get married, they're perfect for each other (and this pic supports it).

Go Anailia!!!
Our first Relieft Society event!!
The dinner before the broadcast. President Uchtdorf was incredible.
Sara and me watching ultimate frisbee.


Anonymous said...
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Keilah and Steve said...

Jenna Marin! Hey! I found you through Chivaun's blog. Now I can blog-stock you. It looks like college is a good time for you. It was the best of times for me. Now I'm married, pregnant, and in a family ward - the life you'll soon have. :) Anyway - I'll add you to my blog list.
-Keilah (formerly Oatman) Palmer