Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Few Noteworth, Never-Documented Pictures/Stories

Last semester:

Okay... so, somehow our toilet got clogged, and when I say clogged, I mean, it got clogged, overflowed, soaked the rug we had in the bathroom, started seeping into our hall carpet, then proceeded to leak through some random cracks and drip onto our kitchen counter.
I threw everything that was on the floor into the bathtub. The water eventually stopped (I'm not exactly sure what I did...) and I proceeded to get rid of the water by using Sara's shower squeegee and a dustpan.
I think that this is my greatest motivation to get married... so he can take care of this sort of stuff ;)
There's more to this story...
During this clog fiasco, Sara grabbed a chocolate. It says, "Joy is found in the smallest of moments. Like now!" I guess this was a good reminder of, "Come what may, and love it."
You may have seen our music video. Well, I will spare you all of the many ridiculous pictures that we took and give you a special viewing of my favorite.
For the grand finale...
Anny couldn't reach the big bowls.