Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Winter Survived @ BYUI

Here's a summary of the amazing Winter semester of 2010.

... kicked off the new semester with a dance/cultural party with our new friends.
... played in the snow.
... had private, pizza, homework parties.
... trekked through the snow to get to church. This is nothin'. We had a ridiculous amount of snow all semester.
... made Relief Society treats (I got called as a RS teacher, again - always awesome)!
... pulled pranks (Anny's not putting Kaylie's food in her cupboard, she's packing it, so she can hide it).
... rollerbladed. Well, Anny rollerbladed. I ran after her to make sure she didn't crash and burn.
... pulled more pranks.
... went to concerts.
... watched "TV" (thank goodness for Hulu, Dad's DVD collection, Redbox, and Netflix).

... packed 7 people into my 5-seater truck.
... had clean rooms.... occasionally.
... enjoyed Colie visits.
... picnicked.
... photoboothed.
... drank a lot of Jamba.
... enjoyed (?) snow, melting snow, no snow, snow, melting snow, no snow, snow....
... roadtripped.
... fought.
... had wonderful married Sara visits (where we would stare blankly at a computer screen, apparently).

... and said "goodbye"s.
And, perhaps, we studied a bit, here and there ;)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Few Noteworth, Never-Documented Pictures/Stories

Last semester:

Okay... so, somehow our toilet got clogged, and when I say clogged, I mean, it got clogged, overflowed, soaked the rug we had in the bathroom, started seeping into our hall carpet, then proceeded to leak through some random cracks and drip onto our kitchen counter.
I threw everything that was on the floor into the bathtub. The water eventually stopped (I'm not exactly sure what I did...) and I proceeded to get rid of the water by using Sara's shower squeegee and a dustpan.
I think that this is my greatest motivation to get married... so he can take care of this sort of stuff ;)
There's more to this story...
During this clog fiasco, Sara grabbed a chocolate. It says, "Joy is found in the smallest of moments. Like now!" I guess this was a good reminder of, "Come what may, and love it."
You may have seen our music video. Well, I will spare you all of the many ridiculous pictures that we took and give you a special viewing of my favorite.
For the grand finale...
Anny couldn't reach the big bowls.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Louisiana Christmas!

I was able to spend my Christmas break in Lousiana with my mom and Georgie. Kris, Leslie, Isaac, and Kaylie even came down for a few days! My family isn't very big on picture taking, so here's a taste for you ;)

Some of the houses down there are awesome! Here's one of them. This isn't even the biggest or prettiest! They were so cool.
My mom pointed out to Georgie that his earring holes hadn't closed up yet. She regretted it later.
Our beautiful Christmas tree. Which we bought on the 23rd and decorated on the 24th ;)
Kaylie is the cutest little girl EVER. She was so much fun. Being the cruel family that we are, however, we took her in for some torture time. I will spare you the in-between shots, but here are the "before and after" pictures of miss Kaylie getting her ears pierced!
She was such a good sport.
We went all out to experience the true southern delicacies.
dirty rice
hush puppies
crab cakes
shrimp gumbo
frog legs
the works ;)
It was a great break. The only thing missing was my dad! We love and missed you, Dad!

Monday, January 18, 2010


So, the roomies and I spent a wonderful week in SoCal with Sara's family. We drove to San Marcos, stayed for Thanksgiving break (we get the whole week off, gotta love Idaho!), and drove back. It was an incredible week, with many exciting events!

We left Friday night for our overnight pit stop in SLC at my Aunt's. Here is Anny begrudgingly taking a bite of her 2nd ever Taco Bell sampling!
The next morning we took off around eight a.m. and my two travel buddies were both passed out pretty quickly. Thanks girls.
Here we are somewhere in Utah, where you could literally see where the weather was better on the other side. We had clouds all the way up until this point, then we didn't see them until our trip back to Old Iceburg ;)
My dad served his mission in the San Diego area, so he had a few suggestions for us. He made us go out to an amazing restaurant, which he generously told me to use his credit card ;) (Don't worry, we didn't have any of the exotic cocktails...)

We stayed with Sara's family and it was a blast! She has three sisters and one brother (the youngest out of everyone). We got to help out, meet tons of new people, and have sooo much fun. At one point we were trying to help Sara pick out her and Zach's song and this is what ended up happening....
Aren't they cute?
And, of coure, we did some shopping. Anny absolutely fell in love with her long, lost love of a jacket...
not really.
Sara's sister and best friend threw her a bridal shower. It was super cute and not too raunchy... per Sara's request. The games were fun and people got super creative. Here's our lovely model rommate, Kaylie.
Meet Amanda. Sara's sister, Megan, and I were the designers of this lovely piece ;)
No explanation.
Our last outing of all un-married women! Woohoo!!!
We'll never tell what we did ;)
Thursday was the nice and busy day. Zach's side of the family was getting Thanksgiving dinner ready for about... EIGHTY-ish people, while Sara's side set up the reception hall/barn. Of course, we ran with Sara's side. It was nice to feel helpful.
Beautiful Gumpy babe hauling some of the goods...
I think that this may be the last picture we have of single Sara.
Gorgeous Anny... and me.
Here are some of the decorations. It was all SUPER cute.

(We did help, I promise).
We drove back that Saturday and picked up Sara's cousin/straggler, Andrew. We stopped in SLC again and, of course, hit up Temple Square. AND we saw and talked with Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.... for the third time ever!
It was a very, very, very good trip, but needless to say, we were pretty worn out.