Monday, December 10, 2007

TAG! You're IT!!!

All about SarJen Thanks to President braking rules, and going over her limit, we have been "tagged". So here it goes...

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.


10 years ago (in 1997)...

1. I got baptized and confirmed as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints :)
2. I tried and failed to learn how to ride a bike.
3. My parents abandoned my me and my brothers on a street in Everett.
4. Started 2nd grade.
5. I wore some pretty sweet clothes.

5 things on my to-do list today:

1. Homework that I was supposed to do over the weekend.
2. Get Dustin to call me back!
3. Make a surprise for the last of President's bday week.
4. Do personal progress for YW.
5. Find investors for my new (top secret) business.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Yogurt!
2. Donuts
3. Apples
4. Snickers (home-made)
5. Sunchips

5 things I would do if I were a billionare:

1. Pay to have a temple built in Greece.
2. Get my super secret business started.
3. Buy my mom a house in Hawaii.
4. Buy my dream home for my future family.
5. Save whatever I need to make sure my family will be able to live comfortably, and do all the things listed previously, and give the rest to the Prophet (he'll know what to do with it).

3 of my bad habits:
1. Skipping sixth period
2. Doing everything except for my homework (i.e. planning yw activities, planning bday surprises, planning random surprises, making surprise treats, etc.)
3. Spending all of my money.

5 places I have lived:
1. Ford Island, HI
2. Bremerton, Wa
3. Honolulu, HI
4. Vicenzia, Italy
5. Oak Harbor, Wa

5 jobs I have had:
1. Bagger
2. Babysitter
3. Professional clothing shopper (for self)
4. Professional donut eater
5. Professional surprise planner

5 things people don't know about me:
1. I hyperventilate when I get too happy (which is pretty often).
2. My dream man has a buzz cut, wears purple, has huge, muscly arms (not necessarily toned), has hair on his chest and arms (no smoothness for me!), is shorter than 5' 9", has a round belly, wears tight pants (not emo/girl pants), and number one requirement... LDS.
3. I think I have a skin disease on the top of my left hand.
4. I have a crooked toe.
5. I make some pretty mean and creative sandwiches (you just have to request the specialness... some people just can't handle it).


10 years ago (in 1997)...
1. I turned 8 years old and I started 3rd grade.
2. I started going to Girl’s Achievement Days.
3. I was a Brownie in the Girl Scouts.
4. I was baptized and confirmed a member of the church.
5. Won a $25 savings bond in a Lego building contest.

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Order a Christmas present from Seattle.
2. Vacuum the living and dining room.
3. Put together and wrap a couple Christmas presents.
4. Fill out a few things in my Personal Progress book.
5. Take a shower!

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Milk Duds.
2. Toasted raisin-cinnamon English muffins with peanut butter!
3. Instant mashed potatoes with various cheeses.
4. No-bake peanut butter cookies.
5. Grilled PB&J on wheat bread!

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Build my mom her dream house.
2. Send a few guys on their mission.
3. Take my family with me to Europe.
4. Buy a big house and have a bunch of kids.
5. Put a bunch of money into savings.

3 of my bad habits:
1. I procrastinate absolutely everything!
2. Staying up and sleep in late.
3. Most of my clean clothes don’t ever make it into my dresser aka- my room is a disaster zone!!!

5 places I have lived:
1.Treasure Island - San Francisco, CA.
2. Hayward, CA.
3. Apparently I lived in Provo, UT for a while too.
4. Ogden, UT.
5. Oak Harbor, WA.

5 jobs I have had:
1. Reader Board up-dater.
2. OHSD student worker. I basically did their busy work.
3. AIS book printer, cutter, and shrink wrapper.
4. Guinea pig "horse rider" and office worker.
5. And, babysitter.

5 things people don't know about me:
1. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!! it's one of my daily food groups.
2. I love frogs! My room is full of them.
3. I was in such a hurry to come into this world that I was almost born on the freeway.
4. I own 15 porcelain dolls.
5. I’m learning how to knit, crochet, and cross-stitch.

SarJen now tags Ciera, Kelly, Leslie, Sarah W., and Aspen.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Laurels on the Hunt!

We decided that Ciera and Prez could use some friendly competition, so we took off on our own little adventure.

Someone wearing a scarf.

Two friends!

A kid on a bike.

A drive-thru worker.

Something you can't see. (The paper has the words "Holy Ghost" written on it.)

A good mode of transportation.

Something you made.
A car you like. Vrmmm.Vrmmmm.....
Something that looks delicious. YUM!!!
Something that frightens you. AHHHHH!!!
A bad idea for a TV show.
A toilet seat and a toilet seat cover.
A stranger who looks trustworthy. (Just look at that face!)
Something Christ-like. (Veggie Tales "God Made You Special")
A good idea.

ZZZZZZ.......... A good place to take a nap.

Something you wouldn't eat.
Someone wearing Hooker boots.

Needless to say, I think we won.

President's birthday day!

Thursday, December 6th. President's birthday day. It was awesome. We have been planning it for well over a month now, and it was way different than what we had originally been thinking. It was the two of us, Ciera, and President of course.

We started off by going to the Cape Sante lookout in Anacortes where we ate some sandwiches, which was absolutely freezing, so it was basically the torture test for Ciera and President. They did well. Stuck through it beautifully...

They thought our snacks (pb& nutella, milk, and chips) were funny...

I think that used to be a pb & nutella sandwich?...

Mmm... sandwich...President showing off her talent of putting 5 whole cookies in her mouth at once!!!

Then, they did the thing where they look at eachother and say with their eyes, "These girls are crazy!"

Then, we hit the Donut House (duh),

Mmmm.... Donuts....

but we weren't allowed to eat the donuts. Headed back to Oak Harbor. Three words: Walmart scavenger hunt. It was hilarious. The two of us verses President and Ciera. We had to find 40 things... and it took us less than an hour!

President and Ciera's pictures for the scavenger...
There are about 40 items, so we'll try to narrow them down to the funny/semi-funny ones.

Someone wearing hooker boots.

A fast-food worker.

Something you just made (a lovely bouqet).

Something you can't see (air).
A stranger who looks trustworthy.
Something you've seen in a dream.

A toilet seat.
Something that always makes you smile (Christmas music).
A toilet seat cover.
Someone wearing a scarf.
A bald man.

A good idea.

Something(one) older than you (according to Ciera).
A dog.
Two friends.

Something delicious.

A source of energy.
Something frightening.
The worst idea for a tv show.
Something you wouldn't eat.

After Walmart we headed back to Ciera's where we made dinner for the lovely ladies all by ourselves (we're going to be awesome home-makers). Then we played Loaded Questions and ate our donuts!

P.S. Dustin almost made Jenna cry (she was trying insanely hard not to, barely succeeded)!

Check for updates later if you want to see the true brilliance of the night (Jenna's and Sarah's hunt)!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

DinDin for Leaders!

As young women, we are a lot to handle. Therefore, we need some pretty courageous ladies to keep us in line! Oh, and we do! They are always so wonderful to all of us and always great examples, strengths, and brilliant lights to us. So, most definitely, they deserve a little of the spotlight every once in a while.
So, on this Tuesday night, we took our Tuesday activity into our own hands. The leaders got a dinner (spaghetti, of course), tributes by their husbands (funny and heartfelt), dessert (chocolate pecan strata and strawberry dessert), and presents (bracelets and personalized mugs). Lots and lots of laughing... let me tell ay.
The girls pulled through beautifully and were all incredible helpers and made the festivities go off without a hitch. It was a ridiculous amount of fun, at least we know it was for the two of us.

Everyone eating, hopefully having a good time.
Ciera dying of laughter, because of President's snowsuit story.
The guests of honor.
Our FANTABULOUS YW leaders... see what we have to put up with? Goofballs.
And that's.......... our President.....

Jenna... spilling Martinelli's all over the floor and then catching it with her apron.

Shannon pouring President's birthday goblet.
The behind-the-scenes babysitting crew!