Sunday, December 9, 2007

Laurels on the Hunt!

We decided that Ciera and Prez could use some friendly competition, so we took off on our own little adventure.

Someone wearing a scarf.

Two friends!

A kid on a bike.

A drive-thru worker.

Something you can't see. (The paper has the words "Holy Ghost" written on it.)

A good mode of transportation.

Something you made.
A car you like. Vrmmm.Vrmmmm.....
Something that looks delicious. YUM!!!
Something that frightens you. AHHHHH!!!
A bad idea for a TV show.
A toilet seat and a toilet seat cover.
A stranger who looks trustworthy. (Just look at that face!)
Something Christ-like. (Veggie Tales "God Made You Special")
A good idea.

ZZZZZZ.......... A good place to take a nap.

Something you wouldn't eat.
Someone wearing Hooker boots.

Needless to say, I think we won.


Lemme said...

silly silly girls!!! im in need of a good scavenger hunt.

LeslieM said...

Ok, so I officially love ya'll's site!! You crack me up and I can always count on you to have something funny!