Sunday, December 9, 2007

President's birthday day!

Thursday, December 6th. President's birthday day. It was awesome. We have been planning it for well over a month now, and it was way different than what we had originally been thinking. It was the two of us, Ciera, and President of course.

We started off by going to the Cape Sante lookout in Anacortes where we ate some sandwiches, which was absolutely freezing, so it was basically the torture test for Ciera and President. They did well. Stuck through it beautifully...

They thought our snacks (pb& nutella, milk, and chips) were funny...

I think that used to be a pb & nutella sandwich?...

Mmm... sandwich...President showing off her talent of putting 5 whole cookies in her mouth at once!!!

Then, they did the thing where they look at eachother and say with their eyes, "These girls are crazy!"

Then, we hit the Donut House (duh),

Mmmm.... Donuts....

but we weren't allowed to eat the donuts. Headed back to Oak Harbor. Three words: Walmart scavenger hunt. It was hilarious. The two of us verses President and Ciera. We had to find 40 things... and it took us less than an hour!

President and Ciera's pictures for the scavenger...
There are about 40 items, so we'll try to narrow them down to the funny/semi-funny ones.

Someone wearing hooker boots.

A fast-food worker.

Something you just made (a lovely bouqet).

Something you can't see (air).
A stranger who looks trustworthy.
Something you've seen in a dream.

A toilet seat.
Something that always makes you smile (Christmas music).
A toilet seat cover.
Someone wearing a scarf.
A bald man.

A good idea.

Something(one) older than you (according to Ciera).
A dog.
Two friends.

Something delicious.

A source of energy.
Something frightening.
The worst idea for a tv show.
Something you wouldn't eat.

After Walmart we headed back to Ciera's where we made dinner for the lovely ladies all by ourselves (we're going to be awesome home-makers). Then we played Loaded Questions and ate our donuts!

P.S. Dustin almost made Jenna cry (she was trying insanely hard not to, barely succeeded)!

Check for updates later if you want to see the true brilliance of the night (Jenna's and Sarah's hunt)!!!


The Soptich Side of things said...

I can't believe you put these up!!! We LOVE walmart!! You will be a good homemaker and your kids will never be bored, scavenger hunts galore for them!!

Crystal said...

Thursday was awesome. I feel so special to have my birthday last so long, with so many festivities. That being said, I'm pooped!

Crystal said...

P.S. Consider yourselves blog tagged. Go to my blog and cut and paste my post. I expect both of you to complete the tag! Love ya...