Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All done... for now!

Monday night was graduation. It was ridiculously windy, but good.

Today, Megan and I were on the front page of the Whidbey News Times. Pretty darn awesome, but they mistook Megan for Immah Harless, which is hilarious, because neither Megan or I had ever heard of Immah before graduation practice on Friday. Megan thought they had said someone's name was I'm A Harlot (basically), so we looked her up in someone's yearbook. Megan was almost on the ground dying from laughter, so I guess the newspaper was her karma. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dance... wooh!

Prom 2008

My date, Kyle, and me.

Left to Right:
Alie&Mike     Goni&Caleb    Me&Kyle    Nicole&Stephen

Bestie friend!


The whole thing was super fun. Crazy day.
10am-12pm Facial w/ MaryKay lady
12-1:45pm Hair
1:45-4:45 Bellingham w/ Megan
4:45-5 major time crunch to get ready
5-7 Pictures & drive to dinner
7-8:30 dinner @ Giuseppe's in Langley
9:30-12:30 Dance
1-3:30am Everyone hanging out @ Megan's aunt's vacant condo
3:30-8:20am Sleep!!
9-12 Church!!

It was an amazing day!!
Good food.
Good friends.
Good (&clean on our part) dancing.
And goodlookin' people everywhere!