Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dance... wooh!

Prom 2008

My date, Kyle, and me.

Left to Right:
Alie&Mike     Goni&Caleb    Me&Kyle    Nicole&Stephen

Bestie friend!


The whole thing was super fun. Crazy day.
10am-12pm Facial w/ MaryKay lady
12-1:45pm Hair
1:45-4:45 Bellingham w/ Megan
4:45-5 major time crunch to get ready
5-7 Pictures & drive to dinner
7-8:30 dinner @ Giuseppe's in Langley
9:30-12:30 Dance
1-3:30am Everyone hanging out @ Megan's aunt's vacant condo
3:30-8:20am Sleep!!
9-12 Church!!

It was an amazing day!!
Good food.
Good friends.
Good (&clean on our part) dancing.
And goodlookin' people everywhere!


LeslieM said...

You look great!!! SOO CUTE! Love love love the dress you chose.. I can't believe you are growing up so fast.. thanks for all of your comments girl. p.s. Kris says you look like Mom.. I agree beautiful you!!

DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

that's it, these pictures prove that you had too much fun! I am glad you had a good time and that the dress worked out for you!

KellyAnne said...

WOw what a busy day-- and it sounds like lots of driving.
Love the pictures! I'm glad you had a lot of fun. You're beautiful!

Tara said...

can I just say that it is wonderful to see pictures? And, you just glow! Modesty really is the best policy. It was fun to see picture of Mike, too. Thanks for sharing.

Lemme said...

you rock the house in that dress!!

LeslieM said...

HOLA!! So I know your mom is in town and you graduate tomorrow, but you do NOT get an out for not posting! Bad Jenna!