Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Major Future Life Decision

My friend, Megan, and I were walking through Ross on Saturday. We were in the older women's section. Let me tell you... I was so in love with all the crazy, eccentric clothing (especially the sweaters)! They are so cool. I love all the crazy clothing that is out there for women! So, I've made a big decision that I'm sure will come to a huge surprise to everyone!
I am going to be the CRAZIEST dressed grandma on the block.. when I get there! I'm going to be an eccentric, close to embarrassing, yet coolest ever, grandma! I'll spoil my grandchildren a ton and let them do crazy things. I'm so excited to be the cliched grandma. Oh yes. This is going to happen.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Internet: Amazing/Creepy

I'm working on my graduation announcements right now... and let me tell you... it's crazy! It's fun and at the same time stressful. I don't want to leave anyone out. But then again, I don't have a clue who I should be sending them to. Should I just send them to family? People out of town? Out of state? To people I haven't talked to in over a year? Five years? Ten years? How selective should I be? It's HARD!!!
So, I've resorted to sending them to EVERYONE. 
Jk... but I do have 80 and that's a lot.
Anywho... I needed some addresses of people we have lost track of or I'm just too lazy to get up and find the addresses. Well, talk to my mom and come to find I can find everyone on White Pages online!!! It's PSYCHO. It's brilliant, because I can contact people I love and miss. But, um, hello! Scary!! So many bad things can come from this. No one wonder everyone is scared of rapists and identity theft! It has to be so easy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Horrible Granddaughter

My dad is in London for the Naval Reserves for two weeks. While he's gone I decided that I would cook my grandpa dinner every night for numerous purposes... He would love me even more. He wouldn't be eating TV dinners every single night! I would be knocking out a Personal Progress value for YW. And maybe I could actually learn something about cooking before I left home.Anyways... we are a week into this adventure and it's not goin' too hot. I think my grandpa hates me more. He's eaten fast food twice. And apparently I can't cook a dang thing!
I got most of my recipes from Favorite Recipes: The Costco Way. I owe it all to Sis Sopt... she made me get it a long time ago and it is amazing and fun! Oh, and it was free :)

Sunday night I made Honey-Glazed Chicken Stir-Fry
Everything turned out way good... except for the rice. I added too much dang waster! So, it was super soggy. I'm basically a horrible person... there's a rice shortage!! And here I am, wasting it! So, to not be a completely horrible waster.. we ate it. Pretty nasty. I only threw away 2/3 ish of it....

Monday night I made the easiest thing on Earth... tortellini alfredo. I don't think he can
 remember ever having it, because he asked me what it was and he wolfed it down! Probably his favorite of the week. 

Tuesday night I went to the Commissary and spent $60 on the next 6 ish meals. We ate
Cranberry Walnut Salad with a Sweet Poppy Seed Vinaigrette (made by me), which I had to call my brother, Kris, about, because it called for white wine vinegar and I did not know what to do!! But all turned out well. Grandpa liked it, especially because he asked me to put his bleu cheese in it.
Wednesday night he told me he had a request... for grilled cheese and soup! Ugh... I was 
trying to be all gourmet and try new things, but Grandpa loves his routines. At least this made him happy.

Thursday night I didn't get off work till 7:15. I felt really bad that he was eating so late, so I just picked up his usual from Wendy's. Horrible.

Friday he told me, if I didn't have anything planned, he was going to pick up salads for him and
 me from Wendy's. Bummer. It was fine though, I didn't get off work til after 7, so I just ended up hanging out with friends and eating with them. Horrible.

Last night I made Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup with White Beans (about halfway down the page). It is seriously my new FAVE dish!! It is ridiculously good and easy. My grandpa, however, wasn't too keen on it. Oh well. My mom keeps on reassuring
 me that it takes him a while to adapt to new things, and likes his usuals. Oh well. I liked it and so did one of my

Tonight... again.. he just wanted a sandwich (chicken and mayo) with a pickle on the side. What
 an easy-to-please man.

Stay tuned for more fast food, gross food, and maybe an occasional good dinner!
Suggestions would be INSANELY appreciated too!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Idaho vs. Utah (BYUs that is)

Apr 21-26 my dad and I took a road trip to visit BYU-Idaho (where I'll be going in the fall) and BYU-Provo (where my brother, Kris, is graduating from). We drove all day Monday, spent the night in Rexburg, then spent all of the next day exploring BYU-I, finding info, and such. 
Tuesday night we drove down to my Aunt Christine's in Salt Lake to spend the night. Wednesday we went to Provo and just chilled with Leslie, Kris, and Isaac til my mom and other brother, George, flew in. 
Thursday was a fun-filled day of getting professional pictures of Isaac and pictures of the siblings taken at JCPenny's, dealing with the family, and (the actual good part) attending Kris' big (all the graduates) graduation. Elder Bednar spoke!! It was pretty good- "Learning to love learning." Friday we went to his college's graduation ceremony. I never get it exactly right (I know... I'm a bad sister), but I think Kris is getting his BS in developmental biology and something else-ish...
All-in-all it was a fantastic trip. The whole family was together, which hasn't happened for over two years. Everyone got some Isaac time (he is RIDICULOUSLY adorable and fun). I LOVE BYU-I. I got to spend time with my favorite ladies... Leslie, Aunt Christine, my mom's BFF, Cathie, and my mom. Of course.. got to spend time with my INCREDIBLE brothers. Oh and we also got to see the Lemme fam, which is always entertaining. Karissa- it was so good to see you in person! I feel like I know you somewhat well through your blog, so actually seeing you made me feel less of a computer/blog nerd who only meets and gets to know people through the internet... *creepy* :)

This is what I got to drive in on the way to Rexburg... it was frightening.

The beautiful Rexburg temple.. which I will be blessed to see everyday!

Isaac LOVES his penguin, he would seriously just jump on it and roll with it. Hilarious!
My mom and Isaac...
Could it get any cuter than this?

George E. was so great with Isaac, he really surprised all of us with just how attentive, loving, and always wanting to hold and play with Isaac he was.

Our Graduate!!!
Could not resist putting this picture up.
He was super sleepy.
The beautiful family. Kris, Leslie, Isaac.
Whichever you prefer.

My brother the scientist.
... and his "assistant."

George.. on his HARDCORE protein-esque diet.
Isaac is way professional with straws.

And this is why I adore my big brothers.