Thursday, May 1, 2008

Idaho vs. Utah (BYUs that is)

Apr 21-26 my dad and I took a road trip to visit BYU-Idaho (where I'll be going in the fall) and BYU-Provo (where my brother, Kris, is graduating from). We drove all day Monday, spent the night in Rexburg, then spent all of the next day exploring BYU-I, finding info, and such. 
Tuesday night we drove down to my Aunt Christine's in Salt Lake to spend the night. Wednesday we went to Provo and just chilled with Leslie, Kris, and Isaac til my mom and other brother, George, flew in. 
Thursday was a fun-filled day of getting professional pictures of Isaac and pictures of the siblings taken at JCPenny's, dealing with the family, and (the actual good part) attending Kris' big (all the graduates) graduation. Elder Bednar spoke!! It was pretty good- "Learning to love learning." Friday we went to his college's graduation ceremony. I never get it exactly right (I know... I'm a bad sister), but I think Kris is getting his BS in developmental biology and something else-ish...
All-in-all it was a fantastic trip. The whole family was together, which hasn't happened for over two years. Everyone got some Isaac time (he is RIDICULOUSLY adorable and fun). I LOVE BYU-I. I got to spend time with my favorite ladies... Leslie, Aunt Christine, my mom's BFF, Cathie, and my mom. Of course.. got to spend time with my INCREDIBLE brothers. Oh and we also got to see the Lemme fam, which is always entertaining. Karissa- it was so good to see you in person! I feel like I know you somewhat well through your blog, so actually seeing you made me feel less of a computer/blog nerd who only meets and gets to know people through the internet... *creepy* :)

This is what I got to drive in on the way to Rexburg... it was frightening.

The beautiful Rexburg temple.. which I will be blessed to see everyday!

Isaac LOVES his penguin, he would seriously just jump on it and roll with it. Hilarious!
My mom and Isaac...
Could it get any cuter than this?

George E. was so great with Isaac, he really surprised all of us with just how attentive, loving, and always wanting to hold and play with Isaac he was.

Our Graduate!!!
Could not resist putting this picture up.
He was super sleepy.
The beautiful family. Kris, Leslie, Isaac.
Whichever you prefer.

My brother the scientist.
... and his "assistant."

George.. on his HARDCORE protein-esque diet.
Isaac is way professional with straws.

And this is why I adore my big brothers.


Lemme said...

LOVE IT!!! I'm a little disappointed that you didn't mention how the creepy JC Penny photographer lady tried to get your brothers to pet you and stuff. Also, thanks for the shout out!! Great fun was had by all for sure!! And how could anyone resist Isaacs charm! I love that kid! AND I get to see him whenever I want!! So there!! Next time we're together we'll have to take a picture together to put on our blogs so we have proof we're not just creepy stalker internet

Crystal said...

Oh what sweet memories flew through my mind as I read this post! I'm so glad that you had a great time visiting BYU-I and being with your whole family. I really did miss you while you were gone. Do you really have to go to school this summer?