Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sugar (with a hint of fruit) Sandwiches

It has almost become tradition at night time for me to make sandwiches for everyone.
And everyone usually includes 3, if not all, of the roommates and at least 3 other people.
At first I just made PB&Nutella.
Then, I grilled them.
Then, I started experimenting.
Various ingredients used in various combos:
Banana Slices
Blackberry Jam
Marshmallow Cream
This wondrous creation below is the ultimate.
I'm telling you. Applesauce on a grilled sandwich is heaven. The outside is crispy while the inside is gooey. Delish. Try it!
Left: Jelly and Applesauce
Right: Nutella and Marshmallow Cream
I recommend: Jelly and Nutella sandwich
Applesauce (with cinnamon) and anything sandwich
Don't forget to grill like grilled cheese!
You must try it!!!


KellyAnne said...

Gonna have to try it...

Marriott Fam said...

Mmmm! Looks tasty! I'm so excited you are having fun at BYU-I! These are the best years of your life! We've now joined the blogging world so check out our blog. It's nothing exciting yet. Still learning. We post silly stuff about Keilani and Sadie mostly. Have fun at school!