Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best Side of BYU-I

All I have been blogging about since I have arrived at this wonderful school is all the fun I am having. There is no spiritual side to any of these posts. Sad, huh?
Well, it's basically impossible to sum up the huge amounts of spiritual experiences I have had here, the tons of things I have learned through the Spirit, how the Spirit is constantly and apparently here, so for now I'll tell one tale.
Monday I was somewhat frustrated, so I called up one of my friends so we could go on a walk or something. It turned out that he was in the Taylor Chapel reading "The Infinite Atonement."
That's it. That's my story. Here I was, frustrated and bored, wanting to be distracted and get away from my issues, rather than getting focused and trying to find some way of inviting the Spirit back into my heart.
The whole time we were walking we just talked about the Apostles, Conference, the school, missions, etc. I almost feel like a fakey. I know the stuff, but do I automatically think of the Lord when a problem comes along? Scary.
Everything here is wonderful and the Gospel is all around, but it's so easy how we lose track of the simple and most important things. The problem isn't saying my prayers or reading my scriptures or that I'm rebelling in any way, but it's not as deep as it should be. It just seems like I'm scratching the surface and doing the minimum. I'm working on it.
I hope everyone is doing well. I hope that everyone is not just grazing the surface, but delving deep. I hope everyone is remembering to be happy and know that the Lord is there.


Crystal said...

I know I felt the same way when I went to BYU. It's almost overwhelming when you realize where you could be in your spirituality. Just remember that we are all in different places and it's easy to compare ourselves to others when we are surrounded by so many people who share our beliefs/culture. Miss you! Have fun

Lemme said...

im a total surface scratcher...i need to be better

DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

MIss you tons! Sometimes I just feel like I have to tell you that! Rylin was carrying around your Senior Pic today saying Nenna. Pretty funny

Mom said...

Line upon Line - Precept upon Precept....that is why you are there!