Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For the Eyes of Women Only

Lane Bryant

is wonderful.

On Monday we went on a find-a-decent-bra excursion.
Nicole said she really likes Macy's, especially because they are so helpful. So, Macy's was our first stop at the Boise Mall. They measured me and said I am either a 34DD or a 36D. The search ensued. Nicole was my bra-fetcher. I tried on at least 12 bras. I ended up being okay with 3 of them. I bought one. $65 later we explored the rest of the mall.

The last place we ended up was Lane Bryant. We intended on going there; Anny swears by Lane Bryant bras. We saw on the tags that the smallest band size they carry is 36, so I tried a 36D. I could only find one 36, and the lady said it was because they discontinued 36s last spring, so that's what they had left over. Well, lucky me, it was too tight. The lady informed me that their bras run small. Quite ironic, if you ask me. So, we then proceeded to 38D (holy dang). I tried on three bras there and bought two for only $54!!!

Besides the facts that: the lady was so much more helpful, it was tons easier to find one I liked, they actually had full coverage bras, they have super good support, their selection was a lot more sensible for the bigger-busted ladies... Lane Bryant bras are just so much more comfortable!!!

Moral of the story:
Lane Bryant is they way to go...
if you are well-endowed.

Sorry for the lack in pictures ;)


KellyAnne said...

All I can say is, 36A here, and it ain't ANY easier on the other side of the fence! But when you DO find a good bra, stick with it, buy a bunch! :)

Lemme said...

dang...i was looking forward to pictures of the huge knockers...i guess until next time ill keep holding my breath...

Crystal said...

I really need to go there and I need to bring a couple friends along too. Do you want to go bra shopping with me in April?

Kris said...

So, funny...I'm so glad I'm not a girl. Did you return the macy's bra. Underwear that costs 65 bucks, ouch. Love you