Thursday, July 24, 2008

I <3 Pierce & Meryl's singing!

It will have you smiling ear to ear!
For those of you who don't know.. I am in love with Hello, Dolly! It's pretty close to obsession. Number one movie...
But... (and this should prove how amazing Mamma Mia is...) this movie has challenged Dolly's standing! Yeah! It's that good!!!

So... if you live in OH and want to wait a week... I'll be home and you should go with me!!! I want to see this movie in theatres around 30 times.

And as an awesome side note:
I went this past Saturday night with my mom and sister in-law, Leslie. At the end of the movie the theatre workers shot A TON of confetti in the air with leaf-blower-looking things for about 3+ minutes straight!! It was way fun and funny. Then, we come to find out that only 5 theatres in the whole nation did this. Ours was the second and last showing in which they did it for that theatre!!! How incredible is that?!?!

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Lemme said...

I'm still on the fence with my feelings toward this movie. LOVED the singing but it just seemed awkward at times...