Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Is Our Story...

Once upon a time there were two vibrant, beautiful, vivacious, Christ-seeking young ladies. Both loved church oh so much. Both were respectful, smart, non-trouble making, and obedient. But Jenna faced a commitment issue. Sarah strived hard and persevered. You see, there was an issue of character in the highest of the Young Women’s Presidency. Sarah struggled and went through hardships being the President to the Laurel class; the only Laurel in frequent attendance most of the time! The only influence in Sarah's life keeping her sane was the the light of the magnificent Laruel's counselor, Ciera Soptich. Jenna hadn’t been going for a while, but, after an extended leave of absence, returned with honor to endure with Sarah and Ciera.
It went on like this for a while... until... the blessed day of which said leader announced her impending self-removal from Young Women’s.
There was hope. Their struggles in YW left their lives. Hooray!
A new problem arose. Who would now take the throne?
Sarah and Jenna anxiously awaited any word of who their new leaders would be. Nothing. For months: nothing. All until one fateful Sunday.
Bishop took the stand. Normal announcements. Same old thing. Only half-conscious of what was being said. “... Young Women’s President.” The atmosphere immediately shifted, rapt attention, ears perked, eyes fiercely on Bishop, stomach butterflies, apprehension running through veins.....
“Crystal Lemme.”
Eyes rapidly scanned the entire chapel.
She rose: a magnificent pillar of light amongst the gloomy depths of sameness.
Sarah and Jenna’s eyes met, alit with wondrous, delighted flame. Even if they had been sitting side-by-side, words would not have been necessary.
Her counselors were called at that time as well. No flaw whatsoever could be seen!
Ecstasy. Fulfilment. Satisfaction. Thankfulness.
This was going to be incredible.
Goodbyes were said to the old YW counselors, and although so much love was felt for these women, it wasn’t as sad as it might have been if it had not been for the elation felt at the dawning of a new Young Women era.
Time went on. Relationships grew rapidly; no disappointment or doubt was ever felt. Jenna’s and Sarah’s lives were complete. Church was wonderful. YW was wonderful. It was all so wonderful that YW became an obsession for the duo. It was all they talked, thought, and dreamt about. It became their oxygen. The sunshine in their lives.


KellyAnne said...

You guys are nuts. And funny too. Love the blog! :)

Crystal said...

This makes me laugh so hard my side hurts! Great work, and very touching.