Monday, August 11, 2008

I Don't Care If This Is Insane!

I need to have a dance party.
It is essential.
It has to happen before August 20th.
Everyone within driving distance of OH needs to NOT have any plans
until we know the date of the party!!
Dance party.
My House.
Front Yard.
Everyone invited: 1 day to 35,000 days old.
Invite everyone you know.
Probs a Monday. For FHE?? We'll have a giant, combined FHE!!!
It's gonna be bangin'.
Be Ready.
Pretty, pretty please come.
It'll be fun. Promise.

Maybe next Monday.
Input please.


Lemme said...

ill be in oh on thursday but then I'm leaving sunday...ALAS!!

Tara said...

um, if i come, do i have to dance? i only danced to attract a husband, and that's done now.

DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

did you do it last night?

Kris said...

I had fun, you should have been there