Monday, June 29, 2009

Kris' Damage

So Kris and Aunt Christine visited the weekend before this last one. Kris went through all the attics (yeah... we have like three or something) looking for his stuff. We got it all together and loaded it all into my truck and took off to Utah on a road trip! Here's a taste of what we went through :)
Yep.. that's Daisy Duck and a shark's jaw.
And this is a stuffed bear stuck to the top of a giant, tin can lid.

Meet Gumpy.
We (mostly Kris) loaded him beautifully the night before we left and (barely) crammed him into the garage for safe keeping.
We're professional.
And we found this nifty jacket!!! You go Miami Dolphins! Can you imagine it? Winter in Rexburg... skirt and Dolphin's jacket :)
Roadtrip w/ brother = about time & a blast!

Sidenote: I am such an adult. I drove home all by myself. I didn't doze off or anything. It was beautiful. 5 hours to Rexburg to spend time with some amazing friends and 13 hours the next day to home, sweet home. 10 mixed, burnt cds made it all possible (I definitely recommend it).


KellyAnne said...

You are cool Jenna. Have I said that before? Love the jacket!

Crystal said...

That is a lot of stuff! I'm glad you guys had a good time and that you made it home safely.

Anny said...

oh my jenna that sounds all so amazing and fun! pictures are pretty funny. the jacket and skirt love them seperate but together i'm just not sure i would let you do that :] :]