Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind

So, I decided that I am only going to post about the fun things. No schoolwork. We'll see how long that lasts. The roomies and I are trying to make this a very hard-working and diligent semester, but at the same time make sure that we have a teensy bit of fun and a little bit of social lives :)

The first Saturday we were here, we went to the sand dunes to hang out at a bon fire. It was GIGANTIC! So much fun.

This guy carved his and his fiancee's names into the sand with a heart, poured gasoline into them, then lit them on fire. It was really clever and looked pretty awesome.
You've met Zach before, Sara's fiancee'. He's very secure. I told him to "be sexy" in this picture.
Yesterday, we went bridge jumping. It was a blast!! Holy cow. It was just a pedestrian bridge and it was probably around 30 feet above the water... not too bad. The first jump was a teensy bit intimidating, but it was worth it. I have so much respect for professional divers now!
I kept on trying to take pictures with my phone, but every time I just ended up capturing their legs. Bummer. Anyhow, Sara was the bravest and jumped right in.
You are probably getting a messed up impression of Zach, but oh well. He's a goofball and Sara still loves him.
Zach actually took this picture... gotta love it.
Good & true story:
Sara decided that she wanted to hold hands and jump in. Well, this is what we think ended up happening.. she jumped farther out than I did and we ended up pulling each other. We ended up landing really weird in the water. She chipped a tooth (a really small part, she says the size of a grain of sand or so) and I bruised up my leg nicely.
Anny, Kaylie (NEW roommate, with same name as old roommate from Fall '08 semester and close to other old roommate, Kayla, from Winter '09 semester... crazy), and I decided to swim out to the rocks in the middle of the river. Sara and the boys hung back and made a pretty funny movie.
We were all pretty exhausted as the day went on... as you can tell.
Sara had made me a cake on Friday and we lit the candles today. I have such good roomies.
More to come later!


Lemme said...

FUN!!! I wanna go bridge jumping!!! Looks like a total blast!!!

kaylie said...

Why didn't we ever go bridge jumping? And that picture of Zachary....scariest thing I have ever seen!!!

Linda said...

that looks so fun! Glad to see you are having an awesome time!