Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Our beautiful Sara got married!!
She got married to a great guy (that's right, I approve).
Introducing, Zach and Sara Allen!
Obviously, we did not want to let her go.
(In my opinion, I don't think that Zach is trying very hard).
But lo and behold, we had to let go.
Sara and I have been through
trillions of dishes,
257 pictures
235 rolls of toilet paper,
182 adventures,
90-ish credits,
45-ish mac and cheese dinners,
11 months,
6 trips to Utah,
5 church callings,
4 birthdays,
4 music videos,
4 roomates,
3 semesters,
2 wards,
1 skinny dip,
1 AMAZING friendship,
0 arguments (wink, wink),
Love you Sara!
We miss you!


d.c.r.k.soptich said...

Umm, skinny dip?
ps- I am still waiting for you to show up here...anytime would work as long as it is before Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I wish her ther best evern though I don't know her.

And don't be too sad Jenna haha, at least you got to be there for the wedding, I didn't haha.

Just wanted to say hi, drop you a line, saw this while I was looking at Tara's blog. See ya later

PS Indonesia is quite nice you should come down sometime haha

-Elder Schmidtlein (mike)

Sara Bennett said...

ahh that warms my ever lovin heart! you are way awesome jenna. I love my new room mate but i will never forget all the wonderful memories and good times we shared. You are one person i never want to lose touch with. I loughhh you!