Saturday, January 26, 2008

Laurel Sleepover!!

Last night Ciera, President, Cailey B., Alexi A., Allison C., and I (Jenna) spent the night at Presidnet's house (no boys or chil'ns). It was very rocking awesome. When we arrived the leaders were busily preparing our din din, delicious homemade individual pizzas, which we got to assemble and design. We played a little Guitar Hero here and there, some Catch Phrase, and Disney Scene It? We also got to watch a video of President's and the First Gentleman's life pictures (wedding video that Dustin made). Pretty dang fun.
President busted out the paraffin wax and lit it up! If you've never done it before, here are the gory details... You dip your hands in this wax a few times, have them wrapped up in plastic bags by the special Paraffin Assistant, get your hands extra nice and cozy in specialty paraffin mits, and relax. I have to admit I was a little bit of a baby about it... but it was pretty cool and entertaining. After about ten minutes you take off the mits and plastic and the Paraffin Assistant pulls/slides/rips/tears/demolishes the wax off of your hands, and if you're lucky.. the wax slips right off in one piece, which results in a perfect, inside-out replica of your hand (only a little bit creepy).
We did a couple other various things throughout the night, eventually ending in watching Moulin Rouge and falling asleep.
In the morning the leaders were at it again, spoiling us with delightful German pancakes. A little more Guitar Hero. Prez's fam came home, and that was our cue.
It was a ridiculously fun night. Thanks President, Ciera, and Laurels/Miamaid!

The leaders in the kitchen, where they belong... JK JK!!

Fascinated by President's GH skillzzz.

Like I said. It takes complete concentration.

Allison rockin' it... with a smile!

Mmm... key lime float!


Cailey... getting mummified.

Alexi and Cailey... about to bust out the Robot.

Does that not make you want to throw up just a little bit?
Ciera... impersonating Rylin.
We're just party animals.

This is what our leaders do... all the time.

No words.


The Soptich Side of things said...

Those are some pretty lovely pictures of me. Thanks.

Crystal said...

Good times! I'm so glad that we all got to do some bonding. I really had a good time. Too bad we don't have any documentation of our doorbell ditching...or maybe it's a good thing. The only picture I have a little problem with, is the "What our leaders do all the time..." Thanks a lot.

P.S. One day you'll realize what a blessing free babysitting is. We really appreciate the service!