Monday, December 8, 2008

4.5 Days Until OH!!!!!

We're down to crunch time.
Only four days, nine classes, 11 assignments, and four exams until I have completed my first semester of college!
The girls really want to take a bunch of pictures this last week, so here are just a few (of the BILLION that they have taken).
Marge and Nephi
Soulja Girl and me
Trust me.
It is like this every night.
Seriously? How gorgeous is this girl?
(Anny, not Jasmine)
Amazing roomie!! She puts up with A LOT.
Meet my second family!
4 girls and all the boys except for one are moving.
So, the fam will be changing a bit :(
P.S. I think that Winter is finally here to stay.
It snowed last night, I think it's going to stick around for a bit, and be added to every so often..
It's eleven degrees right now :)
I know. I know...
It's just the beginning.


Lemme said...

1. i hate the snow

2. good luck with finals

Linda said...

You are so lucky the snow waited. My first year in Rexburg I wanted to cry because it was snowing before my birthday in early October. Yuck. I am not a fan off the snow. But it does look beautiful. See you soon! Good luck with the rest of your finals.

carlytai said...


Chivaun-o-rama said...

Jenna! Are you enjoying the snow in OH? It's crazy, right?! If it ever clears up a bit we should do lunch or something! Call me...360-632-8113

maicher said...
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