Monday, April 13, 2009

General Conference Apr '09

We <3 General Conference with all our <3s!!!!
We got Saturday afternoon tickets... it was fantastic.
And you have to love the Conference Center in its ridiculous vastness.
Oh, and we were seated behind the ASL video screen. All that sign-languaging was somewhat distracting, but so awesome!
We could almost make out the General Authorities' faces!
After Conference, we headed for some grub at Sizzlers with my aunt, Christine, and Sara's madre (she had a psychology conference there, so we met up on Friday, which was awesome). Kayla, me, Sara, and Anny had to cram in the back. It was quite cozy.
Anny flew into Idaho Falls the day before Conference, so we picked her up on the way to SLC and she stayed with us all week long and drove home with me!
Then, Saturday night - the traditional midnight stroll around Temple Square... along with some girly picture-taking.

Remember Kaylie?
From my first semester?
Well, our little darling met up with us Saturday night for some excitement! She's going to need some excitement before being sealed for time and all eternity in August. What a traitor.
Pff... I'm so sure.
No worries folks! I REALLY don't plan on getting engaged ANY time soon!!! Honestly, I will be trying my darndest!!!
Saturday, Kris, Leslie, Isaac, and unborn baby-girl came up! It was awesome to hang out with them!
It was an amazing weekend! Got to hang out with my favorite girlies. Got to meet Sara's mom, who is rocking-awesome, in case you were wondering. Got to play with Isaac-man. Kris fed us crepes. Got to hang out with Leslie and her cute-pregnant self! Got to spend time with Aunt Christine (honestly, one of my very favorite women in the whole world!), we talked a ton, ate a good amount, she spoiled us, and the girls and I just fell in love with her even more (thank you thank you thank you, Aunt Christine)!!! And of course, we got to receive some guidance, counsel, and love from the prophets and other general authorities.

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Traitor? Thanks a million Jenny!