Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to Change a Life

In my Developing World class, our instructor introduced us to an amazing concept, which I had never before heard.
It's brilliant. People like you and me lend money to people in the developing world.
To further understand this, watch this.
This is such an amazing way to give, without even giving that much in the end (because you eventually get it back).
Kiva is an incredible connection to those in need of assistance. Our professor has a Kiva account with some other professors at the school. While in class, he pulled up his account on Kiva and lent out $50 right then and there. It's so simple. I would encourage anyone and everyone to join in this awesome epidemic.

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carlytai said...

Way to go at getting this out! I had that class last semester and am now a member of Kiva! Anyone who is interested do it. It is so little money but it helps so much. Also giving generously to your fast offerings is another way to help out. Just remember where much is given much is required! I love you babe and am going to miss you incredibly!