Friday, May 29, 2009

Sharing Time: Motivation

How do YOU stay motivated?
I want to know.
I asked this to my Beehives (the 12-13 year old girls in my church) a couple of weeks ago.
For example:
How do you stay motivated to...
... keep the house clean?
... say your morning and evening prayers?
... do your homework?
... eat healthy?
... be nice to all the people around you?
... get out of your bed in the morning?
... turn off the TV?
... stay positive?
... exercise?
... read/study your scriptures?
... call people back?
... serve others?
... exercise?
... read instead of play computer games?
... be obedient?
... resist your temptations?
... do ANYTHING?!?!

There were three girls in my class on this day and they all had completely different answers.
Beehive #1: Her motivation is "fun." She makes sure that, no matter what she's doing, she is having fun!
Beehive #2: She couldn't quite pinpoint her motivation(s).
Beehive #3: She gave a lot of pat answers, but in the instance of being nice to her brother she broke down and admitted that she just doesn't want to get yelled at by her parents. I think that her motivation for daily life is peace and not having drama.

I want to know your answers!


The Palmer's said...

I think of the end result. For example, getting house chores done. The end result is a clean house with everything in its place; then my home is a happy place to be.
Cute post Jenna!

Tara said...

I just have to say, you are a great teacher. My motivation - I want John to be proud of me. When all is said and done, that gets me to do more things that I should than anything else.

carlytai said...

I want you as my Beehive teacher!!! I bet those girls absolutely love you! My motivation is selfish because it is all about pleasing myself. When my room is clean because I turned off the computer I get this super high that I absolutely love and live for. I get it also from running and doing hard things! Missing you Jenna!

Sara Bennett said...

Jenna you are so cute... i think love is my huge motivation. i love having peace in my home there fore i keep it clean and free of tension in as much as that is possible. And i love to be happy and have others happy around me.... i guess when we love others and ourself we can stay motivated and in the long run we remain dedicated members of the church with the goal to return to our loving father in heaven... haha i know its always about love with me.. :)