Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Back to the Cell" and Makeovers

Yesterday, we had white glove. We had to clean our apartment. And I mean superdy-duperdy clean every nook and cranny of our apartment. Needless to say our apartment was spotless. Part of this was taking any decorations or random things of any sort off of the walls. We again live in a prison. Bummer day.
We got to leave Jesus on the wall though :)

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Sara's boyfriend, Zach, let us give him a makeover.
This is what he normally looks like:
And after:

We straightened his hair, then experimented :)
And Sara decided I needed to experience the wonders of "teasing." I don't like teased hair, and I don't think this helped.
12 days :)


Lemme said... looks like there was a cat fight on your head

Crystal said...

Aren't you going to miss those cinder(sp?) block walls?

carlytai said...

Your posts are always so cute Jenna! I think I might have to steal some of your ideas if you don't mind!!! I love you pretty!