Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This past weekend was fan-tastic!!
I got to go over to see Megan and Nicole.
I only have one class on Thursday and one on Friday, and the one on Thursday was cancelled, so I decided to skip my Friday class, so I could leave Wednesday night for Nampa. I am so glad I did; so worth it.
Over the weekend, we:
watched movies
went out to dindin a few times
ate at their rocking-awesome cafeteria
talked, talked, talked
played board games
went to a couple classes
saw a musical, Godspell (which was awesome)
hung out with Nicole's pop (he flew in Friday night)
got sconed
ate a lot of food
chilled a lot
and took lots and lots and lots of pictures and videos
I ended up with about 130 ish pictures and 25 ish videos (realize, that the majority of the pictures were taken on my macbook in about two sittings)

Here's a taste of how weird we are
If you didn't already know :)

Mine and Megan's goal was to get a decent picture of the two of us... since all of the ones I have are of us goofing off... what's new? Well, I don't know if you would say that we achieved our goal :)

The Boise temple is awesome!! It is super pretty and it is seriously right off the freeway. Plus, this picture is pretty cool, too.

Megan and I got pretty bored one night, while Nicole was with her dad at the hotel. We stayed up until about 6 a.m. Crazy. We made a ton of videos (six super interesting ones of which are on facebook). These are only the craziest and shortest. The other ones are between 1 and 6 minutes :) Be thankful that I am sparing you.
The left one is for Nicole :)

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Crystal said...

You guys are crazy! Looks like a fun weekend. See you soon!