Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kaylie Visit and More Creations!

It has been an amazing past few days.
Friday, we started the weekend off by taking about thirty of these type of pictures.

I'll give you a normal picture, so you can know what these girls actually look like. 
Top row (L to R): Kayla (this semester's new roomie), me, Sara (room roomie from last semester). 
Bottom row (L to R): Claire, Chelsea, and Becca (our next-door neighbors).
I decided to experiment with pancakes... again.
I mixed brownie and pancake batter. It was pretty interesting. They fell apart really, really well at first, but eventually I kind of got the hang of it. They were way good. I put white chocolate chips in all of them. My favorite ones were the ones with bananas! Delish.

I didn't use all of the brownie batter, so I put the rest of this tin. On top, I added: marshmallows, white chocolate chips, and crushed up vanilla wafers. All of the different textures were awesome!
Ciera gave me the best/easiest pot-pie recipe!! Everyone loved it!
Cooked chicken pieces (I used 3 breasts)
Bag of frozen veggies
Can of cream of chicken
Can of cream of mushroom
I just used frozen pie shells. Baked at 375 for about an hour, checking every so often. So easy! So delicious! Sara was really mad when she found out that other people had finished off the leftovers. Thank you, Ciera!
One of our neighbor friends from last semester came to visit with Kaylie. Whitney (on the left) lives here in Rex and she was so delighted to have her bestie (Aly) visiting from Utah!
Kaylie brought her FIANCE' along. That's right. She's engaged. August 21st in Provo. So much for having our six girl apartment all set up and figured out. But he is an absolutely amazing guy and Kaylie is so happy... of course. They are so cute that it is GROSS. She reads to him. They dance all the time. Actually, we had a few other girls over Friday night, Kaylie and Nate were slow-dancing and three of the girls started to CRY!!! I had to leave the room. Sick.

Saturday night, Sara, Kaylie, and I had a waxing party. The next day, Nate wanted to see how bad it hurt. So, Kaylie tried a tiny strip on the back of his neck. We think she did it wrong (pulled the wrong way or something), because he ended up going on saying things like, "That didn't hurt. What were you girls complaining about? Don't be sissies." Well, Kaylie tried again...

It was an amazing weekend. Nothing too exciting. Lots of talking. They got in Friday evening and we just hung out, stayed up til 3 ish. Saturday, went to the temple at six a.m. Got out of the temple by nine. Hung out. Went to stake conference at 7. Bride Wars at nine (good movie)! Talked. Wax party. Talked. Bed between 3 and 4. Sunday, stake conference at noon. Kaylie, Nate, and Aly left around 3:30. It was an awesome, yet exhausting weekend.


d.c.r.k. said...

Your welcome...and props on leaving the room when the girls started to cry...oh to be 19 again :)

d.c.r.k. said...

ps- I made my roommates cry when I told them how dusty bottoms told me how much he loved me

Crystal said...

It's hard to imagine any of us marrieds were that cheesy when we were engaged, but it's probably true (how embarrassing). That pot pie looks awesome, maybe you should make it for us in Hawaii!