Friday, February 27, 2009

Fatty-Pancakes and Tornado-Snow

Yesterday I made some rockin' pancakes. I just used regular pancake mix, then added:
banana slices
milk chocolate chips
white chocolate chips
brown sugar
It was delectable. For reals. They were kind of hard to work with, but totally worth.

The snow was CRAZY here the other day. It came in spurts and didn't last very long, but it was insane. This video does not do it justice whatsoever. I hope you like Sara's narrative.
Sara had gone to class when it was like this. When she got to the building her whole front was white. By the time she got to class she was drenched. Crazy stuff.

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Tara said...

Would you believe we had similar snow last week? Most people's has melted, but since our front yard is in shade, we still have it. Which, of course, means the kids tromp in it everytime they go out!