Monday, July 13, 2009

Frisco & Chino

I got to visit my mom in California for 9 days! It was awesome. I actually started to miss the Foggy City.. and my mom, too... I guess ;)
Over the Fourth weekend, my mom and I drove down to Chino, to visit my grandma. Kris, Leslie, and the kiddos also met us down there. It was so much fun. I haven't seen my grandma in such a long time. She is such a wonderful and good lady. I also loved reminding her that she is the one who raised my crazy mother.
Gma & Izy
It was in the nineties the whole time we were there. Beautiful and sunny.
Isaac loved his stickers, even when TuTu (Hawaiian for Grandma, what Mom requested to be called) stuck them all over his tummy.
I guess I was just jealous at how easily Kaylie fell asleep, so I thought I would try it out...
We went to my Uncle's house for Independence Day. I got to see/meet some cousins I have not seen in years. I really do have an awesome extended family. They were so much fun.
My mom was in charge of the food. Let me tell ya.... she knows how to do food. There was sooooo much of it!! This is just one of the three counters/tables of food. It was awesome and delicious!
I love this picture. Bottom left: my cousin, Daniel. Top: family friend, Cathie's, granddaughter, Nicole. Bottom right: gorgeous cousin, Autumn. Middle: baby Kaylie.
Isaac loved playing on my grandma's piano. He was so good about it. He didn't pound on it, like a lot of kids would do. It was kind of weird.. he made it sound really pretty, actually.
He was super excited when he was shown the magic of a player piano. It was so much fun. We got to listen to listen to pretty, fun, older songs. My mom sang. Isaac and I danced. 
He loved dancing with TuTu!
Sara was amazing and drove up from San Diego to visit Sunday afternoon, while all the piano festivities were going on.

When my mom and I got back from Chino, we went to go pick up Finnegan. I always forget how huge he is. Plus, he is seriously a wild beast in the car. It was kind of ridiculous, hilarious, and scary all at once.
A friend of Mom's hooked us up with some killer SF Giants' tickets. We were in the fourth row behind 3rd base! It was so much fun.

Thanks for putting up with me for so long Mom!

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