Monday, July 13, 2009

New Niece!

After the loading of the truck, Kris and I headed to his home! It took forever! We don't know why the trip took us so long, but it did. Despite the time it took, it was still a lot of fun. I've always wanted to take a road trip with him!
I got to meet my niece for the first time! She was born April 28th. She is an incredible baby. I honestly only ever heard a bad cry once, during the whole time I was there! And it was only because we were trying to get her to take a bottle. She falls asleep super easily and does it a lot. When she is awake, she is very content and easily pleased. Oh yeah, and she's adorable. Kris, however, thinks that she looks like a demon in this picture. Nice.
Meet Kaylie Kristine.
Here's my buddy, Isaac! I swear, he gets more and more awesome every time I see him. He is hilarious. He is such a good 2 year old. He speaks very well. I love him to pieces!
Quick story: Isaac has always called me "Nenna." This past visit, however, he started calling me "Jenna-t," I have no clue where he got this. When I visited last Thanksgiving he would add a "T" to the end of "no," so maybe it's the same thing... pretty entertaining.
Thanks Kris and Leslie! I had a blast!

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i miss those kids!!