Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Halle Babe

So, in my Hawaii post, when I mentioned that I had to steal all of my pictures from the Lemmes, this was a lie! I do have Hawaii pictures of my own. Allow me to share a few.

A good tool to entertain kids (or anyone for that matter):
Halle and I started it off, then Haven joined in.
Eventually, Asher wanted to know what all the hoopla was about, so he joined the fun.
Then, Haven got bored/sad (who knows)...
and left. Soon after Haven's departure, Asher decided he had better things to do.

Halle stayed strong...
... and very entertained...
... for quite a while actually.
Top Model on our hands?
214 pictures later...
Halle, you are awesome and I love you to death!
Thanks for entertaining yourself... and me!


KellyAnne said...

I love the one of you at the bottom Jenna!

Lemme said...

this is HILARIOUS!!! i love her!!!

Crystal said...

It's a good thing your brought your laptop and that you were willing to share it with little hands. You really were a life saver on that trip. Thanks a ton!