Monday, September 15, 2008


I usually save blogging for Sundays, but today was too fantastic.
I have the best roommates and FHE group ever.
They COMPLETELY surprised me with a mini party.
My birthday isn't till thursday, but hello... you can't have FHE on a thursday! Crazy.
They were ridiculously good at hiding it, putting me to work (vacuuming, moving chairs into the living room, cleaning up, etc.) and everything.
Acting like we were having a normal FHE at our apartment and then sending me over to "help our other girls carry stuff over to our apartment.
Incredible. And super sweet.
Kaylie's bf, Kiel.
Don't mind my bum looking appearance.. didn't really have time to prep :(
24 candles. LoL
Super sweet decorations!
And Allie
My tongue is NOT in her ear.
It's just her cheek.
We're silly ;)


Lemme said...

that's so cool!!! you're 24? wow!!! I love your posts about loving life at BYUI!! How are your classes going?

Crystal said...

You got some good ones! I should have warned your roommies about the tongue during pictures thing.

Tara said...

Sorry about the no comments, as you can tell from last of postage myself, life has been busy. I am so excited to see how well things are going for you, I hate to say it, but, I told you so! And, glad to hear that RS is going okay for you! Take care and keep having fun!