Sunday, September 7, 2008


So, in case you didn't know I'm at BYU-Idaho.
I got here Thursday the 5th.
It is wonderful. Everyone is super nice and friendly. We have prayers constantly, even after talent shows!!!! The boys are actually gentlemen, and semi-mature. I usually don't like orientation stuff, but it wasn't been so bad. Classes haven't started yet, so that's always good ;)
Oh yes, and...
I have the BEST roommates. There are four of us. We are in a kind of apartment-like set-up. Kitchen. Living room. Bathroom. And two bedrooms.

Sorry, my laptop isn't downloading the photos from my camera, so you'll have to bear with me.
Oh and each of the girls have two pics. They kind of ran into each other.

Meet Kaylie...
She didn't show up until we had all been here for a day and a half. She is super sweet, hard-working, and helpful. She is always willing and wanting to be the leader. She has already been
 here for a semester, so she has been ridiculously helpful; a huge asset. She's been way good for tours and the "ins and outs".

Meet Anny...
She is way fun! We're actually from the same stake and knew each other. How crazy is that!? She is way easy to talk to (we do a lot of it) and up for anything. She is fluent in Spanish (my mom told her that she expects me to be fluent by the end of the year). She has never had mac and cheese or nutella!!! So, it was fun introducing her to those, since, of course, they will be the main food staples throughout college.

And my room roommate... Sara.
She is super fun, ridiculously nice, and happy. She is also very neat, so I guess I have to step it up and actually keep my side of the room looking nice. But at the same time, she is really laid back and easy-going. She has a hilarious sense of humor and definitely keeps us laughing.

They are all amazing.... so far ;)
We all stick together super well. We all started getting along really well right off, which isn't hard to believe, being at BYU, where everyone gets along. We had a meeting today. We decided we are going to have morning and evening prayers together (family prayers if you will). We figured out our jobs for cleaning. We decided how we are going to do our meals and such. I am so excited. We are all on the same track. None of us are trying to be "different" or "rebel" or anything. It is fantastic.

Classes start tomorrow. Church was today and, as always, was fantastic. Testimonies were way better than I thought... no too many "... and I have been blessed with the best roommates."

I really want to give out my address and email, but I really don't want to do that over blogger... so... if you have any ideas, let me know please. If you have my number just call me and I'll give it to you (only if you want it of course), otherwise, we'll have to get really creative. I've emailed the info to the people whose emails I have. Love and miss you all!


DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

It looks like you have some awesome roomies. I bet you all get along really good. Have fun! Watch out for those RM's, they aren't ALWAYS good news :) but seriously

Lemme said...'re so luck and the important thing is that you realize it and aren't taking it for granted. I'm so glad things are getting off to a great start with roomies and'll make school seem so much smoother!

Mom said...

Yes you are blessed with great roommates and they are blessed to have you....have fun ladies and rely on each other to make this a phenomenal Freshman Year!! Concentrate on what is important - The Lord, Your Studies, Service to others, and remembering to take care of you! (And getting a job so you can come back next semester!)

Crystal said...

Woohoo! Boy does this post bring back some really fun memories. Live it up lady, it goes by way too fast. I really miss you. I was up painting the other night and thought about how you could have been kicking it with me handing me my damp rag each time I accidently painted my wood trim. Anyway, miss you, love you, remember who you are and most importantly DON'T SMOKE!

Lyman and Kim said...

Glad that you have such great roommates. I hope that all continues to go well with them. Good luck with school and I look forward to keeping up with this exciting time of your life.

Danny and Sar said...

I TOLD YOU!!! I am so happy you are having a good time! Time of your life lady... for real! Be good and keep having a blast! Parker Kaden and Brin all say hi! later skater, Sar

Chivaun-o-rama said...

Jennnna!! You were thinking about me??? Awwww..

I'm so glad you have good roomies...the closest thing I've had to roomies is a missionary comp in the MTC was GOLDEN...we got along so well, it was like we'd known each other forever!

I don't care about giving you my e-mail here...the more mail the better... ;)

Have fun!!!