Saturday, September 6, 2008

So thankful for RMs

So, today all of the upperclassmen showed up to school. And let me tell you... it is so wonderful. A lot of good-looking, more mature guys. Heaven.

Anyways. There are such huge differences between premies and RMs. RMs are just so much more mature. Don't get me wrong the freshmen are way good guys. They are all way nice and polite, but the RMs are so much more humble and just wonderful!!!

But no worries... I'm pretty sure I'll be able to last until after my mission to get married. :) Rest assured.


KellyAnne said...

Oh dear Jenna, you make me laugh! I remember my days at "Rick's College" and calling the young guys premies. Those were fun times.
I'm so glad you finally posted something! I've been waiting for a word from you. I hope you've settled in and that you're enjoying yourself. By the way I was in dorm 3- did I tell you? At the top of the hill. Sounds like you are in the one at the bottom?
So glad you're there, it's a great place!

Lemme said...

I'll give you til spring before I see a wedding's school going besides all the righteous hotties?

Phame's Blog said...

Jenna - I am so glad I found your blog. Like the name by the way, it was a little surprising, but in a that's totally Jenna way! I don't know if you remember, but I warned you about that MRS degree you would be receiving at BYU Idaho - but now that I see you are only interested in RM's, you are doomed to get a proposal or too. Word of advice - if you really don't want to get married until after your mission, hang out with the Freshmen.

Love, Sis Jensen