Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Week Down...

I survived!! 
Classes are amazing. I have BOM, A Farewell to Art, Science Foundations, Real World Math, and English Foundations. I just love how in every single class we relate everything to the Gospel, it's awesome. 
My roommates and I have never gone to bed before midnight. For instance, Friday night/Saturday morning Anny and I didn't do laundry until 2 a.m. and got over at 4 a.m.
Sara and Kaylie already have boyfriends (they have known them for less than a week), no worries... I'm stayin strong.
The roommates and I are still getting along ridiculously well.
Kaylie is Relief Society president! So, today I gave the very first Relief Society lesson for the semester. It was so much fun. I learned so much and never got nervous!
There is just so much to tell, everything is so exciting here, it's a party all the time, everyone is super nice, we are constantly laughing, I have learned sooo much just in this past week, I miss everyone from OH (not too much.. don't worry), and... life is good.


Lemme said...

glad to hear you're doing well!! i was RS teacher in my singles ward too!! FUN STUFF!! The fabulous roommates are just icing on the cake!!! I'm happy you're happy!!

Kris said...

Ok, I commented, Love you bye...just joking, sounds like you are having fun. I'm glad you are liking your classes. Are you looking for a job? Just wondering. good job on the ap credit, that is sweet. Love you sister

Crystal said...

Woohoo for RS! I'm glad to hear your lesson went well. I wish I could have been there to listen.

Chivaun-o-rama said...

whoa! You taught in RS...sweet!